Le Grand Rouen

Business Parks

Today, business parks centralize a growing part of the economic activity, becoming through the years development areas with a strong domino effect on the whole economy.

The Greater Rouen offers a large and various real estate offer allowing the installation of industrial, commercial, service or logistics companies.



  • More than 170 parks in the Greater Rouen, accommodating more
    than 3,000 companies.
  • “1,000 hectares by 2020”, an operation launched by CREA (Agglomeration Community of Rouen Elbeuf Austreberthe), enabling the creation of new areas encouraging the establishment of new activities creating employment.
  • Rouen employment area
  •    - In the Rouen employment area
  • Within the Rouen Elbeuf Austreberthe Agglomeration Community (CREA)
  •   - CREA area
    - Austreberthe area
    - North West area
    - North area
    - East area
    - Rouen area
    - South bank area
    - Elbeuf area
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